Oriented Media Group Berhad (OMEDIA) and its subsidiaries provide Information Technology (IT) related products and services for the maritime port, shipping, and logistics industry. Our Company also markets and provides IT products and services to ports in the Philippines.


The core functionality of the Vessel Information Management System (VIMS) is the ability of the system to manage information relating to a vessel and track the vessel’s movement within the maritime port. The VIMS is a prerequisite system for the other 3 components of the IPMS. It consist of the following modules:
* Vessel Control
* Vessel Working Performance
* Vessel Traffic Information


The Conventional Cargo Management System (CCMS) enables users to track conventional cargo (including bulk & liquid cargo), capture the information relating to the cargo and, track all services rendered in the process of handling and managing the cargo within the maritime port’s premises. The modules of the CCMS are:
* Cargo Information
* Godown Management
* Dangerous Cargo Management
* Stock Inventory Management
* Mechanical Services
* Rigger Operation


E-Port Community applications comprise of front-end applications that enables port customers to enter into e-commerce transactions with the port.

E-Port has the following components:
* Electronic Document Submission (e-Doc)
* Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment (e-BPP)